Barbecue invitation

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It is almost summer and the sunrays heat up everything. Winter seems to be forgotten and people begin to go outside more frequently and put their bicycles out of their cellar. The parks get full of people and everything is green.

Many people enjoy the activities which are now possible like swimming or having a barbecue. Especially a barbecue is a very good opportunity to bring all of your friends together for a good time and to eat tasty food as well. So, when you are planning to make a barbecue in the garden or elsewhere, you just may use this ecard as an invitation for your friends.

Birthday ecards

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It is important not to forget the birthday of relatives and friends, but often you will find yourself thinking like: “Has really a year passed since the last birthday? It seems only weeks ago.”

And then you have to decide quickly what presents you will buy and this can be very difficult. But one thing to make almost everybody happy is a birthday card chosen especially for that certain day and that special person, and an animated ecard is even more creative .

New Year Eve

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New Year is a universal celebration which encircles every heart with cheers, joys and happiness. There’s a smile on every face, celebration mood swings every mindset and hugs and flying kisses can be seen everywhere. The world never seems so beautiful the way it does on the New Year Eve. Every continent, country and city in the world drapes in the colors of celebration. Enjoy this night!


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It’s that time of year again- the days are getting shorter, darker, and colder, and the vampires are coming out to feast on human blood. OK, maybe not that last one… but it’s definitely time to start thinking about the Halloween Party and the costume! Finally, you can be everyone and everything you want, just let your fantasy and creativity out. Enjoy this night!

The wrong direction

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There are those days where nothing goes according to plan. But don’t get upset. This happens to everybody for once and a while because it seems as if life often doesn’t want to be plannable. Although these situations make things complicated, you may as well try to see them as new possibilities after having realized that you can’t change things anyway.

Send Autumn greetings as an E-Card

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Leaves begin to fall, temperatures decrease and the time where you could swim in the lake is over again. But dont’t get upset, go on an autumnal walk and enjoy the coloured trees and the sounds of the falling leaves. Suddenly, there are so many interesting things to discover in nature. Some people consider the autumn to be the most beautifull season.

For everybody who likes this season as well as sending greeting cards, a more romantic side of autumn greeting is now avaible as an E-Card.

Sylvester Greetings

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I have not found a very special christmas ecard yet, but i think there are some good ones … anywhere … the year is over in a few days and you should recapitulate all the things you have done this year. All the people you love and like. For me, this year was a good one and i will finish it, by sending some ecards to all my friends, so they know that there is someone who thinks about them. wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.