Romantic Owls

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After a while, single life becomes boring and you want to fall in love again. Then, one day, you see somebody who just seems to be perfect and think about how to start a conversation. This can be difficult, especially when you are rather shy. All you can think about is what to say and it often ends with not saying anything at all because all sentences which come to your mind seem to be stupid and you do not want to be in an embarassing situation.

But what do you have to loose? When you say nothing, you propably never see this person again and you´ll never know what might have happened. Sometimes, it is not important what you say, as long as you say something.

Apology Ecard

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It is never easy to apologize to someone but in some cases it has to be done. At least, if you know you were wrong and miss the other person. There are situations where a simple discussion ends up in an argumentation with both people insulting each other which can result in them not talking to the other one afterwards.

Those problems can easily be solved by an excuse but if neither of them is willing to say sorry, it might take a long time until they talk to each other again. If you are in a situation where you should apologize but you can´t decide on a way, why don´t you just send this apology ecard instead.

The right way in life

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Life can be very difficult. Everyday, you make decisions and those lead into certain directions which become your path in life. Because not every decision is made consciously, it is easy to get lost or, at least, feel this way.

Every action has its consequences and it might help to be aware of that to find the right way. And if you feel lost, it is important to have somebody who is able to help you. This can be a loved person, a friend or part of your family, the only thing important is that you can trust this person.

Breakfast in Paris

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When people fall in love, they suddenly start to develop a consciousness for romantic things. To spent a vacation in Paris together is one of the classic romantic situations and many couples dream of that.

But imagine how this situation would be, if you were there alone. Without those romantic moments, it would be no city of love mood and you would miss your partner very much. To spent time with the person you love is one of the best things in the world.


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Several times we are missing someone in our life. Regardless if it are our parents, the own partner or best friend it hurts every time. Finally we always want to have persons, associated with us to be in our nearness, if we have some problems or need help. The bottom line is that they know us the best and they can give us the best advice. All in all, we should appreciate every minute with them.

Love search

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It is not so easy to find a perfect partner, which is honest, loyal and faithful. But if you had this luck, you should be thankful and cherish it, because not everybody is blessed with this luckiness.

I miss you

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It is always sad to be apart of your friends or family. None of us like this kind of situation. The whole time you are thinking of this person and you can’t concentrate on anything you are doing. But stay strong, cheer up and keep smiling! Some day is this parting over and than you can embrance your loved person again!

Bad days

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It is often that we have bad mood or we are depressed because of some reason. Sometimes we are so occupied with problems that we forget the good things in our life. So, Cheer up and keep smiling, because there is always an answer to a problem you just have to be patient!

The Adored Person

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Is this situation familiar to you? You like somebody and you are too shy to confess it to the adored person? Don’t worry, it is normal to have stoppages against showing your own feelings.

Nobody wants to be hurt! Nevertheless you must to have the heart to do it, or you will probably never find out the point of view of the other person and maybe you will also have regrets someday. But if you can’t find matching words, you can try to express your feelings with a greetingcard !