Someecards for the ironic greeting card experience

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Suppose you are not really in the mood to send a cheesy, romantic, flowery E-Card, instead you want to let off some steam without appearing too tactless. Someecards is the best plattform to get some inconvenient truths out but with the traditional beauty of your favourite Holiday cards. At some point you will realize that everything ever written on a Holiday card has exactly the same sentiment: romanticising the truth of festivities that hardly ever are as romantic and gracious as they appear.

Around 2007, the two friends Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell thought of exactly that and ventured out to create a site where bitter people could take the traditionally classy and beautiful card-designs of Hallmart-Cards and add their own mostly cynical and/or ironical captions. Since then, Someecards has become one of the biggest and most popular sites for e-cards that add an individual and mysanthropic charme to the obligatory card-sending on birthdays, Valentine’s days, Christmasses and more.

Let`s be friends!

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Friendships are one of the most precious forms of relationship and should therefore be cultivated as they can, unlike regular relationships, be everlasting. Real friendship is characterized by sympathy, trust, and appreciation. As a sign of true friendship surprise your friends with a perfect greeting card.


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Yes! We are still in the wintertime…. even we don’t see so much from it outside. There aren’t white streets and no white parks. But I found a sweet little e-card about the winter. When the first snow fell down and everybody started the snowball fights we knew … yes now it is wintertime.

Valentine’s Mail

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Soon is Valentine’s Day! For that I found another lovely Valentine’s E-Card. Sweet what you can send nowadays by Mail ;-) Especially for Valentine’s Day you can find a wide range of nice greeting cards in the internet. I wish you all a great Valentine’s Day!

Greetingcard for love letter

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Who has never written a love letter? There hardly is a better way to show your true feelings to somebody. While writing, you intensively deal with your feelings and often find words which otherwise wouldn’t come to your mind.

In addition to that, a love letter gives you the opportunity to forget about your own insecurity and tell your adored ones the things which need to be told. Now, this greeting card may serve as a creative and funny alternative to the normal love letter.Greetingcard for love letter


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It’s great to have you! Sometimes, there are situations in life, whereby you need to talk to someone, for example a friend who is on your side, that you can always rely on. True friends are hard to find, therefore you should keep the ones you have and show them how important they are to you.

Because it’s difficult to open up or one isn’t sure of how to express him or herself in words. That’s why you can send this card. It’s great to have you!

Creative greetings

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Now, it is over with the boring greeting cards. It is time to became creative and try something new. For example, regards from the uncharted cosmos? Nobody knows for sure which mysteries the universe are still hiding in front of us. Maybe will this greeting card bring you to new theories. I wish you good luck by the analysis!

Sweet Ice Bear Flocke!

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Hello friends. After Knut we have now our new ice bear star FLOCKE. Let us send lovely greetings to the friends of the sweet white bear. Who knows … perhaps in the future we have a new dream couple in the German zoos Knut and Flocke in big love. Flocke we wish you all the best!