Found by love

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Certainly, it is not easy to find the perfect partner to spend your life with. You keep searching and searching but still you don´t find the right person until you finally abandon hope for a change. Everybody seems to get happy except you but that is just a feeling.

Sure, love is something, many people miss although there are other things in life which are more important such as your health, your friends and so on. Despite of that, everybody wants somebody to love. And even, if you have given up the search, there might be the rare chance that eventually, love, or better to say, your perfect partner, will find you. And, if that happens, you will want to keep him or her.

Summer Ecard

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Finally, summer has arrived. After a spring filled with rain, it is great to see the sun. Now is the perfect time to pack some things and go on vacation, perhaps somewhere to the sea.

Maybe, you belong to the people who are excited with all the water activities like surfing or diving. Or you just look for a nice place on the beach to relax. Whatever you will do, the important thing is just to have a great summertime.

FIFA World Cup

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The FIFA World Cup is a tournament where 32 nations participate in competitive football matches. This year, it takes place in South Africa. This will be the first time that the tournament is hosted by an African nation. The current champions are Italy. Between June and July, we will see if they are able to defend their title. The Football World Cup is an event, not even people who usually are not interested in football, can ignore and it is held every four years.

Certainly, we will see many exciting matches and fascinating penalty shootouts. I hope, you have fun whether you gather some friends to view the games on jasminlive TV or you prefer to watch it live in the stadium in South Africa.

Easter Greetingse

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Spring has finally arrived and the easter bunny is very busy to look for the best hiding places. Easter is one of the most exciting festivities because you have to search everywhere to get presents. It is very funny to think about possible locations of the next chocolate bunny. Will you be able to find every last easter egg this year? Easter preparations as painting eggs with your family can be very entertaining, too. Hopefully, there will be some nice weather this year to spend Easter somewhere outside and enjoy springtime.

Proposal of marriage

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There may come the time, when you want to get married. But before you can start with preparations for the wedding, send invitations to families and friends and dream about wedding presents, you have to make the proposal.

This is not as easy as it sounds, because not everybody has the same idea of a good proposal. Some people prefer the romantic scenery as seen in countless love movies, while others dislike those proposals’ lack of originality. After all, wedding is a big step in life for everyone, so it has to be perfect.


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Finally, winter seems to make way for spring. As the snow disappears, flowers start to bloom everywhere and the temperatures increase. While the first days of spring still might be to cold, the sun will come out again soon. Then, spring is a great time to sit in a coffee bar or to go for a spring walk with friends. The important thing is go out, because sunlight is said to make happy.

Valentine´s Day Ecard

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If you are in love, you definitely should keep in mind the 14th of February. As every year, on this date is Valentine´s Day, an occasion where you show your love with little presents such as red roses or chocolate. Another great surprise for your partner might be to prepare a romantic dinner for two. Just put some candles on the table for the ambience.

The most important thing is not to forget Valentine´s Day. The presents don´t need to be expensive as long as the partner gets the idea of romanticism. Of course, this does not mean that it would be to much to let an airplane write your love swears in the sky.

Enjoy wintertime

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The greatest thing in winter is snow. Now, it is cold enough outside that the snow accumulates and that offers several possibilities to have fun. As long as you don’t hibernate like the squirrel on this Livejasmin card, you might want to build a snowman or go sledding or start a snowball fight. There are many ways to enjoy wintertime and forget about the cold.

Christmas present

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Just a few days left to wait for Christmas Eve. So, it is your last chance to get presents if there are missing any and to decorate the christmas tree. Many people like to spend christmas time with their family and have a traditional Christmas dinner.

And then there are the presents. There are some differences in the way, Santa Claus delivers the presents, but whether you will find them under the christmas tree or in stockings on the wall, I hope you´ll get what you wanted and have a wonderful christmas time.

Christmas time

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First snow of the year has fallen and Christmas time is coming closer by the onset of winter . The last 24 days are the hardest to wait, although it makes happy to get sweets from the advent calendar each morning and go to the christmas market. Hopefully, you have already written your Chaturbate wishlist to make sure that Santa Claus will get you the right presents. Anyway, I wish all of you a happy christmas time.

Happy Halloween

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Soon, on October the 31st, we celebrate Halloween again. Sure, you can´t wait to put on your costume and go for trick or treat. Some of these costumes really are scary and when you open up the door, you often have to think for a moment whether the little monster at your doorsteps is in disguise or not. But that is the atmosphere, Halloween is all about. Anyway, I wish to all of you a happy Halloween.

Summer greetings

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Summer is propably the best season of the year. Okay, it may be too warm on some days, but all you have to do is go swimming or eat tons of ice cream and that is not so bad after all. It is the time of the year, most jasminelive people become active and go outside because nobody wants to miss the sunlight. It seems to be true that sun makes happy. So, enjoy your summertime and have a perfect summer.

Happy Birthday

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When friends have their birthday, everybody wants to be the first to congratulate. So, it may happen that you can´t reach your friend in the first few minutes after midnight because his or her phone is occupied. And when you finally get the person on phone, you might have forgotten what to say and you end up with just saying Happy Birthday and the other usual things.

An Ecard, however, always comes at the right time. Even when all of your friends send Ecards at the same time, the wishes will be delivered. And if you forget the birthday, there are Apology Ecards avaible, too.